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Undergraduate Dissertation

An undergraduate dissertation aka bachelors dissertation is basically a protracted piece of exploration and writing on a specific field of study. It is usually carried out in the last year of Bachelors programme and the research question is selected based on student’s preferred area of interest.

Difference between Undergraduate Dissertation and Postgraduate Dissertation

Writing an undergraduate dissertation is quite different from attempting a postgraduate dissertation. The Bachelors dissertations are usually shorter in length covering around 9000-17000 words. In addition, it is also not required to have identical level of inventiveness and creativity as postgraduate task. However, students are still required to present their independent work supported with appropriate formatting and referencing requirements.

Last but not the least, the undergraduate dissertation is usually more focused on books or documents rather than field research. Generally, students are required to analyze secondary sources, and they’ll not be needed to go after complicated or pricey data.

Undergraduate Dissertation Prerequisites

Deciding a topic

The topic selection entirely banks on student’s own area of interest. Few things that has to be considered while selecting an undergraduate dissertation topic includes:

  • It has to be interesting
  • The idea needs to be original
  • Make sure to choose a topic for which you can make detailed research


Research is believed to be the most crucial element of overall dissertation writing process. Try to make use of multiple sources such as books, academic journals, internet and other sources to enhance the credibility of your writing.


Once you’ve all the relevant information regarding your topic, it’s time now to transform those details into an effective piece of dissertation. Make certain you follow all the instructions given by your supervisor.


The last step of dissertation writing is to proofread your paper for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

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