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Dissertation Format

Dissertations are organized somewhat differently than other academic tasks such as essays and other assignments. Dissertations are generally supposed to be authentic research of intellectual caliber.

To write a good quality dissertation, it’s important to learn the basic dissertation format so that you can produce an effective, technically sound dissertation or thesis.

The Elementary Dissertation Format

Every thesis contains one or more co-dependent chapters, a detailed introduction and to the point closure.

The title page: This page usually includes your name, the name of your institution, degree level, thesis title and the date of submission.

Abstract: An abstract is a brief summary of the complete dissertation. The main purpose of this section is to give readers an overview about your research.

The contents page: This section includes the list of all the chapters along with page numbers.

Introduction: The introductory segment of your dissertation presents the basic outline of your thesis. This is the part where you can present the reason behind selecting this particular topic and draws attention of your reader.


This is compulsory if the dissertation comprises of basic quantitative or qualitative investigation. This section should describe all the methods, procedures and techniques you’ve acquired in your research process.

Literature Review

This is where you need to apply your knowledge of proper referencing. This section covers the work of other authors on the similar field of study.

Results and Findings

Here’s where you declare the key findings of your research. Make sure to include both negative as well as the positive results to give readers an explicit idea about your investigation.


The concluding part of your research should summarise all the points described in the preceding sections. In this section you can also propose some recommendation on the basis of present research findings and results.


All the additional information such as maps, graphs and images are part of this section.


Don’t forget to proofread your final dissertation at least twice or thrice to check the proper dissertation format.

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