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Dissertation Introduction

The introduction section of your dissertation will receive concentration from your institute’s official committee. There are many experts who recommend demonstrating this section at the end, however, since an introduction will help clarify the objectives and purpose of doingand writing a particular research, it’s good if you present it at the start.

One of the ways of writing an effective dissertation introduction is to write it in the most concise yet all-inclusive manner as possible. Try to find out the answers to the following questions:

  • Why do this research?
  • What are the objectives of doing this study?
  • How this research is going to contribute in the respective field of study?
  • What methods can be used to conduct this research?
  • What are the constraints of this research?
  • Who will benefit from this research?

An important aspect of the dissertation introduction is where you assert the aims and objectives. Make use of powerful words as you cannot make it too long. In addition, don’t ever try to be too verbose and avoid using language jargons as much as you can. Always remember, the use of simple language and smooth sentence structure will grab your reader’s attention. Also, don’t stuff your introduction with references and citations.

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