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Sports Dissertation

A degree in the field of Sports Science could help students establish a career in personal training, sports therapy and coaching. The career choices for the students pursuing a career in sports science are limitless. It is therefore indispensable for sport students hunting for sports dissertation solutions to select one that could help them grow their career more.

Sports Dissertation Subjects

Few of the sports dissertation fields within which you can form your research include:

  • Exercise and physiology
  • Sport pharmacology
  • Sports and nutrition
  • Satellite cells
  • Biomechanics in sports
  • Exercise psychology
  • Sport science and exercise
  • Sports economics

Writing a Rewarding Sports Dissertation

Unlike other interesting subjects, the field of sports science is considered to be boring and monotonous. It requires a great deal of expertise and proficiency to curate a convincing sports dissertation. The standard dissertation format includes the following elements.

  • Title page: Includes the name of your thesis, your name, reason behind selecting your field of study and name of your university or college
  • Acknowledgement: This section gives author an opportunity to thank everybody who directly/indirectly helped in the thesis making process
  • Abstract: Research abstract give readers a bird’s eye view of the complete dissertation
  • Table of Contents: It includes a list of all the chapters with page numbers
  • Introduction: Includes research questions and end with an intelligible conclusion
  • Literature Review: This part depicts previous work done on the similar subject
  • Methodology: All the procedures carried out during your research are part of this section
  • Discussion: This part covers the assessment of all the obtained findings by taking into consideration the literature review of the thesis
  • Recommendations: In this section, the writer can give suggestions on the basis of current findings and conclusions
  • Bibliography: Includes list of all the references used in the dissertation

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