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MSC Dissertation

The dissertation is last step of the Masters programme and gives you an opportunity to exhibit that you’ve attained the essential proficiency and understanding in order to manage and handle a research-based task. It should indicate that you’re able to identify the suitable field, setting research goals, positioning, controlling and critically evaluating the pertinent secondary data and valid literature, outlining a suitable research methodology, examining the primary data and drawing results.

The MSC dissertation is different from other writing types by its effort to study situation in relation to the ‘bigger scenario’. It explores answers, reasons, making analogies and draw generalized conclusions, which can be employed to expand theory.

Writing the MSC Dissertation

A persuasive MSC dissertation comprises of:

  • Title page
  • Abstract

An effective abstract isn’t easy to write and can only be drafted after the complete thesis has been written. This section of the dissertation should provide adequate information regarding the conclusions.

A good abstract may include

  • Aims and Objectives
  • Methodology
  • Results and Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Acknowledgements

Acknowledgement is a short description, endorsed by the student that acknowledges all the sources used in the thesis.

  • Contents page

This section of the MSC dissertation should include chapter headings and postscripts.

  • Introduction

This part of the MSC dissertation should establish a background to the investigation.

  • Literature Review

The literature review of the MSC dissertation is depicted in the form of summary, a categorization, an analogy and a critical judgment of the content. The literature review should advocate the research goals and all the questions of your thesis.

  • Research Methodology

This section must ardently advocate and uphold each decision taken during the whole research process. The summary of this segment should give a synopsis of all the major points covered so far.

  • Findings

This section includes the evidence or conclusion of primary investigation. Based upon your field of study this can be in the shape of comprehensive quantitative models, descriptive statistics or subjective methodologies.

  • Discussion

This is the soul of the MSC dissertation and establishes logical and analytical judgment on primary conclusions regarding hypothetical arguments fixed in the literature review part.

  • Conclusion

This section addresses the broader understanding of the problem you’ve been researching.

  • References

This section consists of all the references included in the thesis.

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