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Marketing Dissertation

The caliber of the marketing dissertation you develop demonstrates your acquired understanding and command of the marketing theory. It is an opportunity to exhibit your ingenuity, administrative and interpretive skills and a chance to integrate this proficiency to a particular marketing topic. A marketing dissertation needs you to comprehend,judge and examine a particular marketing belief. Moreover, it may also need you to figure out marketing concepts in the light of macro or a micro economic context.

Ingredients of a Marketing Dissertation

In order to develop an effective marketing dissertation, it is indispensible to acquire a comprehensive understanding of its elements.

Elements of a marketing Dissertation

  • Abstract

An abstract is essentially a brief summary of the thesis. It gives an overview of the complete dissertation.

  • Introduction

The introductory part of your dissertation can make or break the overall impression of your thesis. It generally covers the aspects like research problem area, aims and objectives of the research and research hypothesis

  • Literature Review

The literature review establishes the significance of your marketing dissertation topic. Alongside validating the research question, it also depicts background information and also connects your research with the current knowledge

  • Research Methodology

This section defines your techniques or methods for research. It will indicate whether the conducted investigation is qualitative or quantitative in nature

  • Ethical concerns

This section of your dissertation should recognize the moral issues experienced in conducting your investigation. This part should relate to the procedures of the surveys, the purpose of your research and the like

  • Research Findings

This element of the marketing dissertation should create around one-third of the complete length. It will comprise of the research and interpretation of the conclusions

  • Conclusion

This part will concisely encapsulate your research and make significant suggestions

  • Bibliography

This section would exhibit a methodical list of the sources used precisely in your dissertation

  • Appendices

This component would include all the supplementary data such as graphs, charts, interviews and the like

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