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Journalism Dissertation

Journalism is an exceptionally diversified subject and the types of queries studied in this field are nearly limitless.  Journalism dissertations generally address numerous ongoing procedures in the sphere of mass media and journalism. However, it becomes absolutely troublesome for the researcher to concentrate on an extensive subject area.  Few of the subjects covered by this vast field of study include:

  • Journalism/ News
  • International journalism
  • Business Journalism
  • Film/Cinema
  • Developmental journalism
  • Online media
  • Media communication
  • Advertising/Corporate discourse

Writing an Effective Journalism Dissertation

Writing a persuasive Journalism dissertation isn’t a no brainer. The process begins by finding an interesting Journalism topic followed by researching and writing a well-structured, error-free and unique dissertation.

Steps Involved in Writing a Journalism Dissertation

Journalism Dissertation – Title page

Title page presents:

  • Dissertation title
  • Your name
  • Reason behind your topic selection
  • Name of your educational institute

Journalism Dissertation – Abstract

An abstract is basically a short summary of the complete dissertation. The basic purpose of an abstract is to give readers an overview of the whole thesis.

Journalism Dissertation – Acknowledgement

This section gives author an opportunity to thank all the people involved in the process of developing a Journalism dissertation.

Journalism Dissertation – Table of content

Table of contents include a list of chapters with page numbers.

Journalism Dissertation – Introduction

This section consists of the research question, a summary of the main arguments and the hypothesis.

Journalism Dissertation – Literature Review

Generally, this comes right after the introductory chapter and contains around 4000 to 5000 words. This segment should include preceding work done on the subject.

Journalism Dissertation – Methodology

All relevant research procedures and your arguments supporting the selection of these procedures are part of this section.

Journalism Dissertation – Findings

All the main findings of your study along with the strengths and weaknesses of your data are included in the ‘Findings’ section.

Journalism Dissertation – Discussion

This part should relate the conclusion with the hypothetical discussion given in the literature review. However, you cannot add any new literature at this step.

Journalism Dissertation – Conclusion

A general evaluation of what you observed and recommendations for future investigation are discussed in this section.

Journalism Dissertation – References

A comprehensive list of all the sources (direct and indirect) used in your paper.

Tips for Writing a Journalism Dissertation

Journalism demands more of a pragmatic approach. Thus, it’s important to make use of surveys, interviewing or practical examinations wherever possible. In addition, try to include as many charts, graphical illustrations and statistics as you can to support your arguments and make your journalism dissertation more fruitful and productive – At Your Service

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