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The field of HR has gained immense popularity and fame from the past few years. Careers in this field can be productive and progressing for students. The best part is the HR dissertation can be written on wide array of subjects.  When you’re approaching towards getting your degree in HR, the last stage will be your HR dissertation or thesis. Doing HR dissertation is undoubtedly challenging and demands thorough understanding of the subject.

Main Functions of HR

  • Staffing

Staffing is the major function of HR. It is the process of recruiting, positioning and managing employees within an organization. Staffing is a widespread activity implemented by all managers and in all kinds of business concerns.

Staffing Dissertation Topics

Some important staffing dissertation topics include:

  • Staffing techniques and procedures that may help you have adequate labor force
  • Ways to decide the job responsibilities of a very competent professional employee
  • Workaholism and its impact on employee’s performance
  • Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is basically the methodical assessment of the performance of workers and to perceive the capabilities of a person for further progress and development. The appraisal process consists of:

  • The current pay of the employee is compared with goals and objectives
  • The supervisor examines the causes behind work performance of workers
  • The recruiters are in position to counsel their workers for improved performance

Performance Appraisal Dissertation Topics

Some significant performance appraisal topics include

  • Comparison of conventional vs. present-day techniques of performance appraisal
  • Importance of Graphic Rating Scale in current situation
  • Are conventional performance appraisal techniques still applicable
  • Motivation

Motivation is a broad term that includes all internal and external elements that encourage employees to work better and be committed to their job. Motivation theories generally depends on the psychological intricacy of human nature and it’s crucial for recruiters to know their employees completely

Motivation Dissertation Topics

Some of the convincing motivation dissertation includes:

  • Understanding relationship between motivation and employee’s performance
  • How motivation and job contentment are linked
  • How compensation and appreciation help in motivation

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