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Geography Dissertation

Doing a Geography dissertation appears to be a hard and exhausting job. The subject is not only boring and dry but is also quite detailed, making it cumbersome for students to write a whole thesis on it. However, by seeking professional’s help you cannot only reduce your stress but will also be able to submit a good, well-researched Geography dissertation in your college or university.

Writing a Good Geography Dissertation

To write an effective dissertation on Geography, you need to follow the standard dissertation writing structure.

Title Page

Title page aka cover page includes the name of your dissertation title, your name, reason behind this submission and the name of your institute/college/university.


This page enables you show your gratitude to all the people/sources which are directly/indirectly involved in the making of your thesis.


This section is basically the summation of your overall Geography dissertation. It includes the background of your topic, aims and objectives, techniques to conduct research and results.

Contents Page

This section includes list of all the chapters and sub-sections with page numbers.


This part develops context for your research. It includes research questions and ends with a clear conclusion.

Literature Review

This part is primarily an abstract of the available and published details related to your Geography dissertation. The information you choose to assess should derive from reliable sources.


All the techniques/methods/procedures carried out during your research will be a part of this section.


Demonstrate the results of the interpretation of the gathered data with suitable statistical report of the primary data.


This section covers the evaluation of all the acquired findings in the light of available literature.


On the basis of all the result findings, you can propose improved alternatives.


List of all the sources used in a thesis.

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