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Business Dissertation

A business dissertation is essentially a lengthy research paper that requires considerable research and analysis. These papers are incredibly difficult to complete considering a vast array of topics that can be examined.

Writing a Rewarding Business Dissertation

The field of business and management has its roots in almost every sector that you can think of. Before deciding on the topic of your business dissertation, it is highly advisable to invest some time reading extensively in your area of interest and recognize, if possible, fields that haven’t been completely grown. By doing so will help you unearth a unique and original business dissertation topic.

Organizing your Dissertation Proposal

Once you know your thesis statement, it’s time now to structure your business dissertation proposal. This is a fundamental outline that you’ll employ to convince the research committee of your institution that your business dissertation is worth additional investigation.

Writing Your Business Dissertation

First and foremost, you need to gather sufficient evidences to support your arguments. Make sure to avail numerous resources to collect up to the minute, authentic information. Don’t forget to follow the referencing style suggested by your supervisor. The basic dissertation structure is as follows:

  • The title page: this page includes your name, the name of your institute, your dissertation title and the reason behind selecting this particular topic
  • Table of contents: this page consists of complete details about the chapters with page numbers
  • The abstract: This is basically a one page summary of what is enclosed within the thesis all together
  • The preface: This is the section where you can acknowledge all the help received
  • The introduction: This is the main segment of your dissertation. In this part you can elaborate your idea, give answers to the research question and add evidences to support your arguments
  • Literature Review: In this segment you incorporate the references of the work done by others on the similar subject
  • Conclusion: Conclude your thesis, add limitations of the current work and propose recommendations for the future research
  • Bibliography: Include all references you’ve employed in your thesis
  • Appendices: All the supplementary data and information are the part of this section

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