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BA Dissertation

An undergraduate thesis aka BA dissertation is actually a lengthy piece of research on a specific subject. It is usually carried out in the final year of a Bachelors programme and the field of study is selected on the basis of student’s own preferred area of interest. BA dissertation enables students to investigate a confined subject in greater extent than a conventional module.

Difference between Undergraduate Dissertation and a Postgraduate Dissertation

The BA dissertation differs greatly from postgraduate dissertations. First and foremost, it is significantly smaller in length and comprises of around 11000 to 16000 words.

In addition, the BA dissertation is not needed to involve the similar degree of ingenuity as Masters thesis. However, Students are still required to complete the task individually and cite all the relevant sources.

Crucial is to understand that the perfect BA dissertation exhibits authentic critical judgment and competence to integrate information stemmed from various sources.

BA Dissertation Prerequisites

  • Topic selection: Before starting your BA dissertation, the most important thing you need to do is to select an impressive and fresh research topic. Make sure to pick a subject that grasps your interest for a longer duration.
  • Primary research: Once you know your topic, it’s time now to begin research. Try to collect information from as many places as you can such as academic journals, books, magazines and internet.
  • Dissertation writing: Now you’ve all the information, factual data and relevant sources that you can include in your BA dissertation. Organize all the gathered information in the finest of ways possible.

Sounds Difficult?

Despite writing a BA dissertation is less cumbersome than making a postgraduate or PhD level dissertation; however, it’s still not something you’ve done in your college or school. Let help you make a unique, plagiarism-free and standardized BA dissertation. Fill out the form available on our site and let our experts handle your task for you.

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