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Architecture Dissertation

If you acquire a talent for designing beautiful buildings or superstructures, then you’ve definitely made a good decision by selecting a field of architecture. Be it smaller projects like furniture or macro-scale constructions like high-rise buildings, the work of architect is to guarantee that his creation takes into consideration all the visible, technological and environmental aspects so that it can endure the fears of natural calamities.

However, doing your post-graduation in the field of architecture isn’t as straightforward as you may consider because you require plethora of time, self-confidence and proficiency to make a well-structured architecture dissertation.

The good part regarding your architecture dissertation is that you get to select your thesis statement from a vast range of subjects like:

  • Urban architecture
  • Religion and contemporary designs
  • Techniques/procedures in architecture
  • Architectural research
  • History of architecture
  • Infrastructures
  • And many more

However, the bad thing is you also need to handle a couple of frustrating issues that may form severe hurdles in your way.

  • Lack of time and strict deadlines
  • Lack of accessibility of authentic sources
  • You cannot handle convoluted methodologies
  • You don’t like to read, research and write

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