Advertising Dissertation Topics and Proposal
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Advertising Dissertation

Advertising is a captivating and interactive field of study that is strongly related to the marketing discipline. Every year, brands put in massive amount of finances on experimentation to determine the characteristics of their potential consumers on the basis of which they can devise effective advertisement techniques.

With development of latest media marketing such as blogging and other mediums, greater number of students is interested in the field of advertising.

Holding passion is an admirable thing but to acquire an outstanding career in an advertisement field you also need to have ability, competence, experience and above all inspiration.

Writing an Advertising Dissertation

An advertising dissertation needs to be original, on subject and engaging. Make sure not to angle off from your selected dissertation topic and try being as concise as possible.

Advertising Courses/Topic

  • Online marketing
  • Print media and use of social media in the field of advertisement
  • Advertising research and development
  • Fundamentals of creative development
  • Consumer behavior
  • Advertising management
  • Public relations

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